Calling Great Supply Chain, Inventory And Logistics Manager. Looking For Someone Great At Analytics And Numbers!

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Location Clermont, FL.
Date Posted February 25, 2018
Category Data Science & Analytics
Job Type Full-time


We are a family oriented Amazon based retailer agency.




We offer a competitive salary and a chance to be a part of a growing organization with opportunities to advance, and performance incentives.


Not everyone is ok with the temporary nature of part-time jobs, vs full-time employment.

We are looking for career-oriented people who value stable employment and the desire to help move a company forward with their analytical thinking and math skills.

As we grow, so do you with the ability to advance and train and manage others under you.

If you have no experience in Amazon, but are exceptional in math and analytics, this might be the job for you!

If you have experience managing inventory in Amazon based businesses, then this might be the job for you!


Roles & Responsibilities:

Our own business and our client businesses need to know when is the RIGHT time to restock and have the logistical processes managed from beginning to end.


This part of the business is often overlooked, but someone smart can make sure that we do not overspend or stock out on inventory as well as seek opportunities for growth.

We run promotions, and the Inventory/supply chain manager needs to coordinate with the marketing department to make sure they are on the same page.

The ideal person we are looking for will be an "owner and boss" of the position and take 100% responsibility for everything regarding it.

Requirements & Qualifications:

-Once trained, must be able to work independently without needing constant supervision

- Must be actively looking for new areas to improve, and seek out growth opportunities for our business

-Must be great with numbers and analytics.